Melissa Loberg, Ph.D.
Principal Litigation Consultant, Loberg Litigation Consulting LLC

Dr. Melissa Loberg, Principal Litigation Consultant at Loberg Litigation Consulting, has been conducting research, speaking, teaching and publishing articles on the intersection of psychology and the law for the past twenty-two years. After obtaining a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Criminology, Dr. Loberg worked for two well-known litigation support companies providing witness training, focus groups, mock trial research, and jury selection in hundreds of cases across the nation. Recently, Dr. Loberg founded Loberg Litigation Consulting, hand-selecting her team to assist her with providing cutting edge services to corporations, law firms and insurers.

Dr. Loberg has extensive experience working with small and large trucking companies, often in high-risk cases and in difficult venues. She aids the defense by performing focus group and mock trial research to develop and hone trial themes, identify strategies to address defense weaknesses and to mitigate the risk in the case. She is also frequently engaged to assist trucking companies in training defense witnesses such as Corporate Representatives, Safety Directors and drivers in preparation for deposition and trial testimony. She stays on top of the most recent trends in plaintiff attorney tactics and arms her clients with methods of anticipating, countering and at times even adopting the tactics for the defense.

Dr. Loberg has published in many well-reputed journals, magazines and newsletters including In Transit (the Newsletter of DRI’s Trucking Law Committee), CLM Magazine (the flagship publication of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance), and Voir Dire (the quarterly publication of the American Board of Trial Advocates). She is frequently invited to speak to attorneys and their clients on how science can be applied in each phase of litigation to enhance defense strategy and improve the chance of a successful case resolution.