Marissa Byers
PhD, CEO & Senior Consultant, Trial Behavior Consulting

Dr. Marissa Beyers is CEO and Senior Jury Consultant of Trial Behavior Consulting. She heads Trial Behavior’s Los Angeles office.   Marissa is a social psychologist recognized for her expertise in developing winning strategies, including in jury selection, pre-trial research, witness preparation, courtroom communication and graphics.  She combines training in statistics with expert knowledge of qualitative research methods and analysis. Marissa has selected numerous juries, interviewed hundreds of jurors, and conducted a wide range of trial research including survey, focus group, shadow jury, and mock trial research. She has consulted on numerous high exposure cases, many involving personal injury lawsuits filed against trucking companies and truck drivers, where she has worked hand in hand with trial teams from the facilitation of pre-trial research extending through trial to a successful outcome. Working closely with counsel on voir dire, witness preparation, opening statement, closing argument, and trial graphics has ensured key themes and arguments are effectively understood by jurors. Dr. Beyers received her Ph.D. from Brigham Young University, where she taught developmental psychology, statistics, research design, and general psychology along with conducting her doctoral research. Her research involved studies on how people’s interpretations of evidence and judgments are biased by their frameworks of perception. Marissa has presented her research findings at both national and international meetings and was twice recognized for her research at the American Psychological Association’s national convention.